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Abz Movie Studios was founded as a company dream from Abby's childhood. Abby has been interested in and making videos ever since she was seven years old! Because of her great interest in media ever since childhood, Abby decided to utilize and upgrade her childhood "company" name, Abz-Movies, and the rest is history. Abz Movie Studios, LLC was born!

Abigail “Abby” Rodebaugh Lee, B.F.A.

A comedic, all-around media creator with a decade of successful experience in digital media production. Abby specializes in film and video production and regularly showcases her work on popular online web-platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In addition to years of her own research and ambitious studies in the film and video field, Abby earned her B.F.A. degree with a concentration in Digital Film and Video Production at East Carolina University. A strong believer in the do-it-yourself mentality, Abby enjoys and is greatly skilled at many equal aspects of video production, including writing, producing, photographing, editing, visual effects creating/compositing, color grading, and sound engineering/mixing/mastering.

Currently, Abby resides in Greenville, NC, working with clients through her company, Abz Movie Studios, which is a one-stop-shop for media needs; and, working at Covenant Church as a videographer and video editor.


Romans 8:28

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